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How To Guide - Styling & Layering Chains + Necklaces

We adore layered jewellery, from earrings, rings, necklaces, and chains. Layering your jewellery is an empowering form of self-expression, and how you do it can elevate your own unique style.

The layered necklace look is more than just a trend and it’s a classic look that has no sign of going out of style. If you’re like us and want to make the most of your necklaces, read on and follow our tips to create your perfect necklace stack!

Tip #1: Layer chains of different lengths

Having different necklace lengths is a must to achieve the dreamy cascade of layers. We suggest wearing necklaces and chains 2 inches apart from each other for the ideal look.

24kt Gold Filled Singapore Twist Necklace Chain

Esther Twist Chain - 16 inches and 18 inches

Herringbone Chain

Delilah Herringbone Chain 4.5mm - 16 inches and 18 inches

Bella Satellite Chain - 16 inches and 18 inches

Tip #2: Combine different types of chains/necklaces

This is where your inner stylist shines! Combine slimmer chain necklaces with thicker chain necklaces. Adding contrasting styles & textures will make your stack more interesting, and as a plus, it’ll also tangle less! You can also add in a coin necklace as the longest layer to complete the look.

Herringbone Chain

Ines Figaro Chain 16 inches + Delilah Herringbone Chain 5mm - 16 inches + 24kt Gold Traveller's Necklace

A trendy yet effortless look we love is combining different chains together for a fun play on textures.

18kt Gold Filled Chunky Curb Chain

Alessia Rose Gold Chain 18 inches + Adele Rose Gold Curb Chain 19.5 inches

Tip #3: Pick a centerpiece

Have a favourite necklace or pendant that you’d like to show off? Make it the focus of your look and work around it. Your most coveted piece will become more interesting to look at when paired with pieces that complement it. 

18kt Gold Filled Figaro Chain Choker

Arya Rose Gold Figaro Choker - 14 inches + 18kt Gold Dark Jade Mini Buddha Necklace

Dahlia Paperclip Chain - 16 inches + 14kt Gold Hamsa Hand Necklace

Tip #4: Work out your outfit

We love wearing our layers with low cut tops. If you wear a crew neck tee, make sure your layers are either short enough to show on top, or longer so that it drapes below the neck.  You don’t want your pieces to get lost! If your outfit is colourful and textured, we suggest wearing only simple statement chains and necklaces to elevate the look.

Zodiac Crystal Pendant (Coming Soon) + 14kt Gold Aquamarine Crystal Necklace 

 Dainty Lioness 14kt Gold Pendant Black

Athena Cable Chain + 14kt Gold Lioness Necklace (Black)

Tip #5: Keep your metals unified

Choose metals in similar shades to create cohesion with your layers. We suggest pairing 24kt gold chains and pendants together, 18kt gold chains and pendants together and 14kt gold chains and pendants together. 

For reference, our 14kt gold filled jewellery is a lighter and softer gold colour, whilst our 18kt gold filled jewellery is a rose gold toned colour and our 24kt gold filled jewellery is a rich yellow gold colour. 

Dahlia Paperclip Chain 16 inches, + 14kt Gold Little Lotus Necklace + 14kt Gold North Star Necklace (Coming Soon)

18kt Gold Dainty Dragon CZ Pendant

18kt Rose Gold Dragon Necklace + 18kt Gold Light Jade Happy Buddha Necklace 

Ines Figaro 5mm Chain + The Butterfly Effect Necklace w/ Esther Twist Chain 

Tip #6 Just have fun!

There are no rules to styling jewellery so just embrace your inner creative and have fun with it! Don’t be afraid to be bold either! We also love styling our icy silver pieces (white gold filled jewellery) depending on our mood and outfit.

Dainty Hamsa Heart White Gold Pendant 

Silver Eden Chunky Figaro Chain + Silver Angelina Box Chain + Silver Hamsa Heart Necklace

Mini Cross Pendant

Silver Mini Cross Necklace + Silver Miraculous Mary Necklace

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